Around the National Capital from the Air
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It's always an unforgettable experience to fly in a small Cessna… even more so when the doors are off to make photography easier. I have flown many times in a small Cessna before and it's always a unique experience. When the airplane tips on my side, my heart skips a beat! But that's part of the fun.

I have flown twice last fall, less than a month apart. Look at the foliage and you can easily guess which photos were taken in the middle of September and which ones were taken at the beginning of October. I am already planning a repeat trip next spring over Ottawa. I also hope to fly over Toronto, Kingston and Quebec City. I just can't wait!

If you are not familiar with the geography of Ottawa, you will recognize in the first photo the Parliament buildings of Canada. You can also see the Ottawa River just behind Parliament. On the other side of the river, is the city of Gatineau in the province of Quebec. Gatineau is predominantly French speaking while the people of Ottawa are mostly English speaking.

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