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In July, I visited Toronto to attend the Canadian Camera Conference. I had five incredible and unforgettable days.

Since I did not have any preconceived expectations of Toronto before my arrival, I was blown away by just how great a city it is - clean, safe, impressive in size, diverse activity, with an incredible number of things to do. I loved walking around the financial district. The architecture of some of the buildings is really amazing, making Toronto a dream place for photographers.

In just a few days, I shot over 600 photos. I visited the CN Tower, Casa Loma, Sky Dome, Eaton Centre and Toronto Island just to name a few… and that doesn't count the kilometers I walked or the streetcars I rode.

Two facts were obvious in my visit. First, the city offers a great range of architectural designs, with historical structures dating back to around the founding of Toronto. Second, Toronto has an extremely wide variety of people. At any given moment, you can find yourself surrounded by people originating from a dozen different nations and backgrounds. It's truly a multicultural city as two thirds of its citizens are neither of English nor French heritages.

Hopefully, I will return soon to Toronto as I have a long list of thing I want to do.

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