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Stephanie Lavergne is a model and actress from Ottawa. In the August 2005 issue of FHM, she was cited as one of the most beautiful women who have been in the magazine over the last three years. She has been named the Coors Light Maxim Girl of Ottawa and has been the Sunshine Girl several times on both The Toronto and The Ottawa Sun.

On September first, Dave Haggerty, who is a friend from CAPA, and I took photographs of Stephanie. It was a very bright and sunny day, which was not the perfect day for a photo shoot with a model. My idea behind the photoshoot was not only to take nice photos of a girl in a swimsuit but also to create her a nice portrait.

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Bonus photos! The swimming pool was a little too cold for Stephanie so we decided to go into the hot tub, which was at 37.8 Celsius. Can you see that she loves to be in the hot tub? I only shot a few pictures around the hot tub, as I didn't expect great results. Well, I was really surprised with the results. With no tripod, flash, reflectors or filter, we finished with some really unique photos of which I can say I am proud of.

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