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The photographs below were taken in Rimouski, which is located on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River approximately 300 km east of Quebec City.

Rimouski is situated on the shore of the Saint Lawrence River and immediately opposite the city is the large uninhabited island of St Barnabé. The city is renowned for its spectacular sunsets, which are an opportunity to make extraordinary images. The horizons of the river and the islands offer panoramas, which change with the rhythm of the seasons and the tides.

Thanks to its dynamic population and the concentration of governmental agencies, Rimouski is considered the hub of eastern Quebec. Its location makes it a centre for oceanographic agencies, training and research facilities.

Rimouski will always be for me the source of my "roots". You can physically leave your birthplace but it remains always in your heart. That is why people say of those who come from the south shore: " You can leave the river but it will never leave you".

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