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1. The word Photography is derived from Greek and literally means:
Catching the light
Drawing with light
Saving the light of time

2. We owe the word Photography to a great astronomer:
Johann Franz Encke (1791-1865)
Armand Hippolyte Louis Fizeau (1819-1896)
John Frederick William Herschel (1792-1871)

3. In Canada, if a client commissions a photographer to shoot anything, who owns the copyright on the images?
The photographer
The client
Both the client and the photographer

4. What causes red eyes in photography?
Reflected off the cornea
The redness of the retina, made worse by a large iris opening at the time of the flash
A unique prism effect in the lens of the eye

5. What is true about bracketing?
It is the act of taking several different exposures of the same subject to ensure you get at least one frame that is expose correctly
It is the act of taking several different exposures at different times of day for the same subject at the same place
It is the act of taking several different exposures of the same subject during several months just to see the effect of seasons on an object

6. Looking at the top picture of this page, can you identify the brand of camera shown?

7. In aerial photography, when is the best time to shoot?
In the middle of the day
Late afternoon or early morning
It’s doesn’t matter when as long that it’s not foggy

8. What is the rule of thirds?
Under this rule, never show more that three foregrounds in a picture
Three or more diagonals are dynamic add interest to any picture
It is the recognition that, in general the subject of a picture looks better if it is off center

9. Who discovered the negative-positive process of photography in the late 1830s?
Joseph Nicéphone Niépce
William Henry Fox Talbot
Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre

10. What is a monopod?
It’s a lens for 35mm cameras
It’s a camera that can only use one lense
It’s a one-legged tripod

11. You are in an open area and you want to photograph lightning at night. Where is the safest place to shoot?
Inside your vehicle
Next to your vehicle under a big umbrella
Next to your vehicle under a tall tree

12. If a propack is 5 rolls of film and a brick is 20 rolls of film, what do you call 50 rolls of film?
Press pack
Maximum pack
Professional pack

13. What are the most common filters used by photographers?
Neutral-Density filters
Ultraviolet (UV) and Skylight filters
Polarizing filters

14. Yousuf Karsh (1908-2002), who lived most of his life in Ottawa, was a master of photography in which field?
Nude photography
Portrait photography
Landscape photography

15. What is NOT true about fisheye lenses?
They produce lots of barrel distortion
They have angles of view of 180° or greater
There are two types of fisheyes: frame and full-frame

16. What is NOT true about black and white Infrared photography:
The foliage and grass take on a white snowy appearance
Infrared photography creates atmosphere though it’s softness and grain
The contrast between the clouds and the sky is almost non-existent

17. What is wedding photojournalism style?
Using more that one camera at the wedding for colour, Black and White and Infrared
Capturing the wedding day with storytelling in mind
Consists primarily of many sets of posed photographs

18. Who said: “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.”
Eliott Erwitt
Ansel Adams
Freeman Patterson

19. There are three basic types of filters. What are they?
Colour, High Speed and Polarizing filters
Colour, Diffusing and Polarizing filters
Colour, Neutral density and Polarizing filters

20. What is true about astrophotography?
Most Cameras of the automatic point-and-shoot variety are suited for astrophotography
You learn to hate the moon
You need to have the Skylight or UV filters

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