In Rimouski, no matter what the time of the year, you will always find something new and interesting to shoot. With the St-Lawrence River and all the parks around Rimouski, my birthplace is just unforgettable.

This gallery is in four sections:

The first three photos show us how no sunset is identical. It’s a new show every day, as sunsets can be very colourful and even spectacular.

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The patterns and colours of the waves of the second section show how the St-Lawrence can be ideal for some unique and beautiful photogaphy work.

The Neigette’s falls, a few kilometers south of Rimouski are another interesting natural site East of Quebec. The falls are not very well known, so I'm almost always alone when I go there. The parks, mountains and prairies around the falls also make for a very interesting outing, alone or with friends and family.

The last section diplays a few pictures of the boats around the Rimouski marina. It was fun to find my name on one of these colourful vessels!

copyright © 2010 Denis Duchesne