London Tower Bridge

London was the first European City I discovered in my travels. I also lived there for almost a year so it is a special place in my heart. In many ways, I have to say, I had the time of my life when I was over there. Today, for sure, I carry lots of good memories from that time.

I was fortunate to work in Harrods, one of the largest department stores of the world and was able to know the city intimately and make even a few good English friends. I just wish I could go to that great city more often.

From my point of view, London is a very photogenic city. Itís a real paradise for any photographer who likes to shoot architecture. You'll find a mixture of old and modern styles and if you like urban photography, there is so much you can do with all the British landmarks.

London offers an outstanding choice of activities to do. Famous sites, stunning architecture, great restaurants, lots of activities, an amazing variety of entertainment options, lots of history, you name it. One of the world most diverse cities as well!

This gallery only includes photos at night of London. I will add another one in daytime in the coming months.

In the first row of photos, on the left, you can see the National Gallery and right in the middle, a British telephone booth, a well known landmark of England. If you look closely at this photo, you will see the Canadian flag on the right. Itís because the building where the flag is, is the Canada House.

The second photo shows the London Millennium Bridge. It is a distinctive pedestrian-only steel suspended bridge crossing the Thames River. From this view, we can see on the other side of the Thames River, St Paul's Cathedral.

In the third photo, stands in the background the British Parliament Building. What can be seen in the foreground is the light of a London Bus. Because the picture was taken using a long exposition, we canít see the bus itself. I think such process makes a unique and interesting photo.

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In the second row of photos, all were taken alongside the Thames River just next to London's New City Hall near the Tower Bridge.

From the right, another photo just next to the new London city Hall. In the top of the photo in the left, we can see the famous London tower. The tower's primary function was a fortress, a royal palace, and a prison and since 1303, the home of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom.

The second photo is the Southwark Bridge in the background, we can see a few cranes, (industrial machinery for lifting). When I was at the top of St Paul's Cathedral. I counted over sixty. Many new buildings will appear in this capital in the next few year. The last photo of this roll is just an example of another construction in London.

Finally, in this last row of the gallery, all the photos are of the London Eye, the worldís largest observation wheel and for me, an architectural masterpiece. The view one can enjoy from the London Eye gives you a good sense of the layout of London. Furthermore, it's a great way to start a very first visit to London and itís a relaxing way to see the city. Note that in the last two photos, I was using my fisheye lens.

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