Kingston and Wolfe Island

For me, Kingston and Wolfe Island are the prefect day out. Less than two hours drive from Ottawa, Kingston is located on beautiful Lake Ontario, where the St. Lawrence River and the Thousand Islands begin. Surely Kingston is one of the loveliest cities in Canada.

The first rolls of photos were all taken on Wolfe Island. To go over there, you need to take the Wolfe Island ferry. It's pretty simple to do: the ferry is free and the ride is only 20 minutes long from downtown Kingston to the island. Furthermore, just for the view when on the ferry, it's worth taking it.

On the west side of the island, there is a majestic Oak tree standing alone in a large field. It's this same big tree that could be seen in all the photos of the first roll. Actually, the first photo of this row is the one I now use for my business card. I have to say that I like the peaceful mood on it and I'm not the only one: I even won a few prizes at some photography competition with this picture. The second photo, however, gives a better idea of what the Oak tree looks like standing alone in its field. As you can easily imagine, It's really a great place to read a book on a warn summer afternoon. And if you ever find yourself in this enjoyable situation, the last photo shows you what you would see if you were, as I was, really there.

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The Kingston City Hall is one of the most picturesque buildings in the city and also one of the finest examples of 19th Century architecture in Canada. I sure have lots of photos of this unique building. This distinctive building once served as Canada's Parliament building, back when Kingston was the Canada's capital, matter of fact the first city to be named so. However, due to American threats of attack, the capital was moved to Ottawa in 1857 and the building has been Kingston's City Hall since that time.

The third row of photos was taken from the Fort Henry Hill, where you can have a nice view of downtown Kingston.

Just in front of the City Hall, one other place where I enjoy going when in Kingston, is the marina. I like this place because, with all the boats present and so many docks, I can shoot original photos with neat patterns and colors. You could find three examples of such photos in the fourth row.

As you can see, I like Kingston and its surroundings. So who wants to come with me next time?

copyright  2010 Denis Duchesne