Frequently Asked Questions
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How many pictures will I receive?

Lots! Depending on the duration of your wedding, you can expect anywhere from 400-800 photographs.

How many hours of wedding photography coverage will I receive on my wedding day?

We will not charge by the hour, so we will be available for as many hours as necessary. We devote that day exclusively to your wedding.

Do you shoot film or digitally?

We shoot with top of the line professional digital cameras. While we believe that film and digital each have their own advantages, the print is what matters. Digital allows us more freedom, faster response, and the ability to rely less on the flash in low light indoor weddings. We strongly believe in the advantages of digital photography but if you prefer 35mm film, we would be pleased to shoot film.

Do you offer black and white or sepia images, as well as colour?

We mostly shoot in colour however, we can also process colour digital into black and white or sepia images.

Do you offer a website or a DVD of our wedding photos?

Yes, as we are also professional web developers, we can create a personal and unique web page about your wedding. We also offer a DVD slide show of your wedding photos if you wish.

What about getting an album?

It might be good to get a package that includes an album that the photographer will assemble completely assemble for you, because most of us never get around to putting our pictures in albums if we have to do it ourselves. Consider ordering a parents' album also.

Will you take posed formal shots of our family and friends?

While we specialize in unposed spontaneous photographs in the photojournalistic style, traditional formal portraits of you and your family are a must and we will happily take a number of posed group pictures for you.

What is your price?

Everything we do is customized for you! The exact amount depends on your exact needs, the date and our availability. We will meet before your wedding to discuss your wedding plans and how we can help to fulfill your photographic needs.

How long after the wedding will we have our photographs?

We will have the digital photos ready for you within 1-3 weeks after your wedding. Depending on what kind of package you choose, it may take some extra time to build a website or prepare an animated album on a DVD. Details about exact timeframes will be discussed with you and stated clearly in writing.

How can I reserve my date and what's next?

The best way to contact us and book a date for the wedding event is to send us an e-mail or simply call us. Once you have decided to hire us, we will give you a wedding photography contract. Once signed, it guarantees you our availability on that day.

Call (819) 776-6677 or e-mail us with any further questions…

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